About Us

Specializing in Installation sanding refinishing  & restoration. We believe that Lasting beauty is never out of style but can be resurfaced. We started this company 15 years ago with the hopes of our customers sharing their experience of our fine quality work with others to help boost our business. We figured out that this is the best form of advertisement. Eleven years later business is better than ever. Our pride shows in our work. We are Licensed registered and insured..   

Our Process

We give you a price for Installing, Sanding and Finishing or Refinishing  your Wood Floor plus any extras you require (Mass gap filling, Staining, repairs etc). This price is based on the size of the floor area . We agree a start date and arrive on that date at between 7.30-8am. If we are running late, which very rarely happens, we will always call and let you know in good time. We start by preparing the floor for sanding, this includes knocking down or removing any exposed nails, staples and we start by filling the floor with a latex wood filler. Then we start the  process by sanding as necessary to provide smooth and clean surface to finish. Time for a clean up. Now we go round the whole floor with a powerful vacuum, we do this twice to remove any dust and bits left behind that may affect the end result. If staining is required it will be applied to the floor now. The first  2 coats of sealer are applied , this is applied using a lambswool applicator  for the main part of the floor and with a brush for the edges to protect the skirting boards. The grain raises after the first coats of sealer are applied so after about an hour we give the whole floor a light sand with a very fine abrasive to remove the roughness caused by this. Then we vacuum the floor to remove the dust, apply the final two coats of finish and the floor is complete. This is the point we require full payment. 4-6 hours for the finish to dry enough to walk lightly on. You can start putting furniture back into the room 24-48 hours after completion, it is necessary to put felt pads, or rubber coasters under heavy items to protect and avoid scratching the newly sanded and finished floor